An Opportunity for Kaiako to Share Animal Welfare Education Ideas

Submit and browse learning experiences, examples of students’ work, links to other sites, video clips and ideas that have engaged student interest, helped develop knowledge and understanding about animal welfare and even changed behaviours towards animals.

This section provides an opportunity for all kaiako to share animal welfare education and empathy development ideas that they have be successfully used in their practice. Our aim is to create a collection of resources that will inspire other kaiako and support them in imbedding this rich learning context into their early learning centres and classrooms.

If you have anything you would like to share, please email us at 



SPCA Teacher Portal Pets Products

Pet Products

By Papakura Normal School

Melissa Cole’s students became ‘pet product designers’ designing...

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Supporting SPCA

By Haypark School

Vicki Archer’s Year 4 and 5 class at Hay Park School took part in last year’s pilot. After learning about the work of SPCA Auckland...

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SPCA Teacher Portal Pet Parcel Project

SPCA Centre Dog Toys

By Kaurilands Primary School

Jill Larbey’s wonderful Year 2 class decided they wanted to help animals without homes...

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SPCA Teacher Portal Vet Clinic

Veterinary Clinic

By Willow Park School

Theresa Kinloch, New Entrant Senior Teacher at Willow Park School, created a ‘vet clinic’ in her new entrant classroom...

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SPCA Teacher Portal Vet Clinic

Matapu Veterinary Clinic

By Matapu School

Matapu School teacher, Lauren Procter – used a similar idea for her classroom as Theresa...

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